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Saint Nicholas

Jesus or Santa Claus?

Whether we admit it or not, it is the struggle every Christmas. Jesus is struggling to get our attention from Father Christmas. We might be acknowledging Jesus as the reason for Christmas, but He is seldom found and mentioned in this holiday. We see Christmas trees, greetings, gifts, toys, foods, discounts, and thousands of Santa […]

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Are We Celebrating Christmas On The Right Date?

As we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord, this December 25, have we ever wondered or questioned if December 25thwas the true birth date of Jesus? I know many of you are already aware of this controversy, and some of you already have an idea about the facts stating against December 25 as the […]

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How Do You Spell Xmas?

Christmas is the world’s biggest holiday celebration. It’s not an exclusive Christian celebration anymore. Even non-Christian countries now celebrate Christmas either directly or indirectly, or should I say, not openly. Though there are non-Christian nations openly celebrates Christmas holiday such as countries like South Korea, Japan, and other Middle East countries, there are still countries […]

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