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Misrepresentation: How Worse It Can Be?

I want to express my disappointment every time Christianity is represented by Catholicism. I think that Christianity is unfairly represented because not only Catholicism has several doctrines that are not in the bible or not Christian teachings, but they even counteract the doctrines of Jesus Christ. One good example is the blessed virgin Mary or […]

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You Think You Know Enough? Think Again

I have read and heard opinions about Christianity from people who have wrong and slight knowledge in Christianity. The funny thing is that those critics of the Christian faith doesn’t even took time to study the religion. The┬ásad thing is that with their fame, they can reach a lot of people through different media, and […]

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Are Christians Evil?

There are some circumstances or events that can be considered as a stain in Christianity. These circumstances are commonly used by unbelievers against Christians. They can be as big as the Inquisition that happened on the early centuries, or as simple as being unforgiving. If Christianity is the true religion from God, how can Christians […]

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