The Joy of Meeting Fellow Christians

Last Sunday when I attended our worship service, I saw a former church-mate from the church I left years ago. I was surprised to see him on my current church but I was delighted. I immediately grabbed his hands and shake it and greeted him. I asked him what’s up with life and on the […]

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Creation of Adam

Eternal Existence

I just wrote about a hypothetical question asking ‘What if God doesn’t exists?’. I provided an answer stating that I would be a totally different or opposite person from who I am now. Or I would be what I truly am. Not necessarily a sinner, but a total selfish. I want to give another answer […]

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without God

What If God Doesn’t Exist?

What would you do if you found out that God doesn’t exist? This is the question that I came up once on a spiritual forum. I think the question is asking if there would be difference on your actions between God and no-God. I answered the question honestly and without hesitation. My answer is that I’ll do […]

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The Miracle of Salvation

What is salvation that is being offered by Christianity? From where and what are we going to be saved? Is it really possible that a god will incarnate on earth just to save us? Who needs salvation? Why does someone needs salvation? Salvation is one of the essences of Christianity. The Son of God descended […]

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A Call For Prayer

I’m requesting fellow Christians to pray that the current trouble caused by the video that mocked Prophet Mohammed would end soon. The video was produced by individuals, not affiliated or conspired with other organizations, religions, and countries, has created an outrage on Muslim people. The said video of a mockery of Islam’s prophet Mohammed turned […]

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Magic and Miracles

Despite of His omnipotence, God chooses to perform His miracle through His people. He wants us to cooperate and be part of His works. We must be willing to be a channel to experience His miracle. Although God is certainly able to perform miracles on His own, but I believe that miracle is also God’s […]

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escape key

Wait! You Might Lose Your Job!

Recently, I had stumbled upon an article on Mashable that provides tips for online job seekers. The article mainly speaks about your online profile on social media. One of the warning tips is being overly religious on your social media posts. The infograph says 26% of headhunters and employers react negatively towards overly religious posts. […]

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The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life: Book Review

Every people are seeking meaning to life whatever faith he has or whether he believes in God or not. We know that there has to be a reason why we are here. We know that we are not just a product of random evolution and a simple product of nature’s procreation. We know deep inside, […]

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Misrepresentation: How Worse It Can Be?

I want to express my disappointment every time Christianity is represented by Catholicism. I think that Christianity is unfairly represented because not only Catholicism has several doctrines that are not in the bible or not Christian teachings, but they even counteract the doctrines of Jesus Christ. One good example is the blessed virgin Mary or […]

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Christian quote

Are You Serious?

I recently saw this picture posted in Facebook. I can easily relate with the message and I can say that it perfectly explain why I’m doing these ‘crazy’ things. I was once a person who doesn’t understand the service to the Lord. I was scared in the bible and the people who are dressed decently. […]

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You Think You Know Enough? Think Again

I have read and heard opinions about Christianity from people who have wrong and slight knowledge in Christianity. The funny thing is that those critics of the Christian faith doesn’t even took time to study the religion. The sad thing is that with their fame, they can reach a lot of people through different media, and […]

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3 Famous Advices That Can Mislead You

We are familiar with sayings, mottos, and proverbs. These are words of wisdom from respectable people or old traditional sayings. They serve as standards and guidance for better living. These words of wisdom usually discuss about everyday life. However, while wisdom intendeds to help improve lives, not all produces better living. Some wisdom, sayings and advises […]

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