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Garden of Eden

Religion: Does God Really Have The Right To Build His Church And Set His Standard?

Almost all of us was born with a religion or grew up having a religion. But more ends up without a religion. In our time, where new technology released every month and knowledge increases, we learned to think independently. We use our analytic and research capability, which is called Science, and learn to conclude things. […]

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bible scrolls

Gospels: How Reliable They Are?

There are four gospels in the Bible: the books of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John. These books contain the life and teachings of Jesus. The gospels are also called ‘The Good News’ as they contain the story of death and resurrection of Jesus, the foundation of Christian faith and salvation. A lot of people asks […]

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Messianic Prophecies And Its Fulfillment

I have posted the list of the Messianic prophecies. The Messianic prophecies continues to fascinates me. Not only it proves the divinity and authenticity of the Bible and its prophets, but Jesus’ divinity as a Messiah as well. I only listed the books and numbers where the passages can be found because the written verses […]

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Follow The Bible

Do we really need to study the Bible? Do we have to follow the Bible word for word? Can’t we just follow the church’s teachings and the words of elders? Can’t we just practice traditions in which we’re already accustomed and comfortable? Doesn’t the Bible expire? Is it still relevant in our time? Do we […]

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Mother and Son Reading Bible Together

The Bible: Why Do I Believe In It?

The Bible is a compilation of several ancient books that refers to God (the creator). It contains stories (history), teachings, songs, proverbs (sayings) and prophecies (predictions). Christian faith uses the Bible for references. Muslims also has doctrines and history that can be sited at the Bible (see Muhammad at Wikipedia). As a Christian, I have total […]

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